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Thermocouple receptacle

Application range:
Compensation thermocouple receptacle been used for fast measurement of temperature in metallurgy and casting/foundry industry. connect thermocouple,thermometer,compensation wire and secondary meter together. compose measurement circut, transfer temperature signal.

Adopt corresponding compensating lead wire positive and negative material to make the receptacle positive and negative electrode. and adopt high welding technology to lead out conducting wire, without soldering and third party, to enhance temperature measurement precision. Insulation part adopt high molecular material with temperature resistant at 260 Degree Celsius. out coat use copper or steel chroming,cook black.

have thread and cone plug types.

Executive Standard:
YB-T163-1999,GB/T4990-95 alloy wire

SC, BC, RC, KX, WC3/25

600, 602-1, 602-2, 602-3A, 602-3B, 604

Oxygen confirmation used receptacle. thermoelectromotive force tolerance been strictly controlled within +/-1C.

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