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ADD of Chongqing Office: Room 2, 32F, Building 1, Duhe Plaza, Lijiatuo Street, Banan District, Chongqing, 400054, CHN

KIN Filter Engineering Co., Limited is a international business oriented company group which been found in 1998 officially, before that we are mainly for civil market business. after more than ten years development, we’ve been one of the main refractory ceramics and thermal industry machinery supplier in China market. now there are three factories to compose our group.
1.Molten metal filter mill, produce ceramic foam filter, ceramic honeycomb filter, high silica filberglass mesh filter. both been used as filtration media to improve casting products quality highly. it’s our first plant and products been famous in the world now with its high quality and very competitive price. among that, we developed thermo analysis instrument like molten iron quality management meter, portable/wireless thermometer to widen and consolidate its application.
2.Activated alumina mill, cooperated with Shandong Aluminium Industry, who is one of China’s biggest and best quality plant with more than 40 years experience in the field.
3.Ceramic honeycomb substrate mill, also called ceramic catalyst support, ceramic honeycomb, ceramic monolith, catalytic converter substrates. automobile exhaust gases are conventionally purified with a catalyst supported on a ceramic body. among with the prosperity development of China and world auto market, we’ve got rapidly growth in this market. since 2003, the turnover grows more than 15% year on year to reach 2.2 million US dollars in 2007.
In order to facilitate foreign client's visit to our factory, we set office in Shanghai and Chongqing City, Shanghai has the world biggest sea port - Yangshan sea port- make our goods to world every corner easily and quickly. Chongqing city is the economic center for west part of China. 
With the principle guide of talents, technique and innovation, we set up a series of policies to allure and stabilize talents to our group. Now there are more than 400 employees, more than 30 are responsible for our products research and development, more than 20 are responsible products quality separately. with a wonderful commercial platform and equipped with advanced information facilities, we have established a convenient service system which enable us to serve our clients with quick response and high efficiency. So we have a promise to reply your official inquiry within 12 hours.
        With ISO 9001 management system, our products have high quality by very competitive prices. now our products had been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and many other countries and regions around the world.                    

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