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Combo Bag
Fiberglass filtration bags (combo bag) for aluminum casting
Fiberglass filtration net (combo bags) for aluminum casting is a professional product of our company, which is been weaved by special technique and a series of processing procedures. The main application is for foundry/casting filtration, improve the final product quality, such as car manufacture, motorcycle hub, cylinder piston, aluminum rod, aluminum ingot, aluminum board and other aluminum-alloy fittings.
The functions are as like this:
1.       Effectively get rid of blister, oxide with dust and other useless impurity to enhance quality of aluminum product. In addition, it avoid other metal component infiltrating into the aluminum liquid, which will reduce the purity of aluminum casting product, then get defect product.
2.       Improve mechanical quality of aluminum casting product : improve the hardness of aluminum casting product with more average surface hard and bending strength.
3.       Improve the mechanical manufacture capability and efficiency of processing of aluminum casting product.
Compare to other filter net, our fiberglass filtration net (combo bag) doesn’t affect the component of aluminum alloy. And as the fiberglass has the function of absorbing impurity itself, so the filtration effect would be better. In addition, fiberglass filtration net (combo bag) has the advantages of high temperature resisting, stability of mesh size and convenient to use, and can use the garbage either (the net will raid out of the aluminum liquid after the garbage put back into stove). Thus it is the ideal filtration material for excellent aluminum casting product.
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