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Magnesia Ceramic Foam Filter
CFM(Magnesia Ceramic Foam Filters)
Function:·Apply to purge solution of magnesium alloy specially, it can endear the demand of magnesium technology and get rid of residue and materials which been left behind after the model is been eroded.
        ·Drop turbulent and reduce re-oxide residue.
        ·Improve accepted rate of steel casting
        ·Reduce impurity of steel casting
        ·Drop re-oxide flaw
        ·Reduce second-face flaw after machine process
Technical Index:
                Bore Density (PPI)                     8----30
                Porosity (%)                           80---90
                Max. Factory Tem. (℃)                 1750
                Bending Strength (Mpa)(Normal Tem.)    0.8-1.0
                Compression Strengh(Mpa)( Normal Tem.) 1.0-1.2
                Thermal Shock Resistance(time/1100℃)  6
                Suitable for                           Steel Alloy
        We are changeable according to our clients’ order’s request
Usual size for zirconium ceramic foam filter
75x75x22 mm--10/20ppi
50x50x15 mm--10/20ppic
40x40x11 mm --10/20ppi
60x60x22 mm--10/20ppi
Φ60 x22 mm--10/20ppi
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