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Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter
Function:·Apply to improve quality of aluminum alloy casting and other non-ferrous casting
        ·Mend structure of crystalloid
        ·Improve function of machine
        ·Commutated function
Technical Index:
                Bore Density (PPI)                      10----50
                Porosity (%)                            80---90
                Max. Factory Tem. (℃)                  1150
                Bending Strength (Mpa)(Normal Tem.)     0.6
                Compression Strengh(Mpa)( Normal Tem.)  0.8
                Thermal Shock Resistance(time/1100℃)   6
                Suitable for                             aluminium casting and other non-ferrous
        We are changeable according to our clients’ order’s request
Usual size for silicon carbide ceramic foam filter
178x178x50 mm or 7’’ x7’’ x2’’—(20--50ppi),
229x229x50 mm or 9’’ x9’ x2’’’—(20--50ppi),
305x305x50 mm or 12’’ x12’’ x2’’—(20--50ppi),
381x381x50 mm or 15’’ x15’’ x2’’—(20--50ppi),
432x432x50 mm or 17’’ x17’’ x2’’—(20--50ppi),
508x508x50 mm or 20’’ x20’’ x2’’—(20--50ppi),
584x584x50 mm or 23’’ x23’’ x2’’—(20--50ppi),
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