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Thermocouple Thermometer used to test molten iron, steel temperature, to help to manage better quality product.

Thermocouple Thermometer is made with integration of thermal bar and display to avoid limitation of sensor and display part's cable towards thermal distance. With rapid speed of data gathering, it improves application times of thermocouple of consuming type. It still features with automatic compensation function, high thermal accuracy and stable and reliable temperature. Its automatic peak holding function can focus operator's attention to the measured point with safe and reliable measuring process.

Thermocouple Thermometer Specification:

Thermocouple Tip
Test Range
0—1760 ℃
Test Precision
+/- 0.1%
Distinguish Precision
1 ℃
Test Way
Automatically search,  peak keep
Display Way
Red LED 10.6Χ6.6mm
Compensation Way
Caution out of tip
Glitter (8888)
Power Spec.
4.8V (Electrification)
Power Consume
1 W
Work Tem.
0—45 ℃
Work Humidity
20—80% (RH)
Size & Weight
90×152×52mm / 1.5kg
Standard 1300mm
1. Convenient application and quick measurement to reach max temperature in 3 seconds.                 
2. Japan’s technology and applicable for R thermocouple.
3. Auto C.J. Compensation in and auto peak hold function
4. Cute and light without any limitation.
5. Convenient application and quick measurement to reach max temperature in 3 seconds.
6. High accuracy of assembly data within 1.5℃.
7. Range from 0℃ to 1760℃.
8. Good stability without any error in continuous measurement.
9. Inner rapid charging loop which is quick and convenient.
10. Suggestive function of broken circuit and power off.
Wide application of molten iron, molten steel and metals in liquid status.

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