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R Thermocouple 1(Pt/Rh-13%)
Our High-accuracy Thermocouple (also called fast reaction thermocouple, expandable thermocouple, disposable thermocouple) measure directly, precisely and instantly through immersion method to the ferrous molten metal, in the production and refining processes of iron, steel and other metals. The tube lengths are: 250mm, 300 mm, 600mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm or as required. Can test high temperature at 1760 ℃ correctly.

the types are as following:
Pt / Pt-13% Rh (Type R)
Pt / Pt-10% Rh (Type S)
Pt-30% Rh / Pt-6% Rh (Type B)
Function and Features:
  • Japan-imported thermocouple wire and related technology.
  • Long using life as three to five times of multi-immerged type; about 10 times of multi-immerged spattered proof type with great security and no splash.
  • High accuracy with error within 1.5℃.
  • Quick reaction with measuring time no more than 3 seconds, small thermal inert, easy and convenient operation and maintenance.
  • Measure temperature range: 0---1760 ℃

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